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My coaching is focussing on the unique strengths of each person. I support you to get to know yourself and your unique selling points. To clarify your underlying convictions and drivers. To tackle your obstructing thoughts and challenges. This brings connection points and energy to drive your own answers, to change and to grow. It also facilitates your connection with others, your openness to their ideas and contributions and it stimulates you to facilitate others to bring out the best of themselves.

In my interim management & advisory work the wishes and needs of your organization are leading. Jointly we determine the planned results for interim management, or for an advise and/or support plan.


Tailor made coaching and advise

As each individual and organisation is unique, no coaching- and advisory trajectory is the same.

As a coach I always start with an introductory meeting to get to know each other, to explore your coaching question and your envisioned result. My coaching sessions are experiential and practical, following your agenda and your needs. There is plenty of room for learning by doing, reflection and follow up of your action points. I work with different coaching methods: Transactional Analysis (TA), Voice Dialogue, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Systemic Work and solution oriented coaching.

An advisory trajectory also starts with an introductory meeting. Preferably with the leadership team and if possible with the governing board. In this session we will define the assignment, the respective roles and expectations. I challenge the leadership to think innovatively and outside the box. 


Individual coaching trajectory

An individual coaching trajectory is usually made up of 6 to 8 sessions of 1,5 hours.  We will establish a coachings contract including clear agreements about the duration and the objective of the trajectory. In the final meeting we will evaluate the results and if desired, make agreements about follow up sessions.


Longer coaching trajectory for lasting result

If you would like to strengthen one or two of your core competencies and would like to develop your behaviour demonstrably, I support you during a longer trajectory of 6-12 months.

With this approach you will involve your most important stakeholders. They will regularly give you tips and feedback on your development points. This will strengthen your desired behavior and will stimulate at the same time an open and positive culture of feedback in your organisation. 

This approach is based on the successful Stakeholder Centered Coaching approach of Marshall Goldsmith. For many years he has been coaching CEOs of the biggest multinationals with measurable and lasting effect.


Sparring partner

Sparring sessions can be flexibly planned, when you need it most. This can be on location as well as via skype or telephone.


Team coaching

Team coaching is developed in close consultation with you and your team. Depending on the complexity, this trajectory may consist of multiple sessions.  Mostly two or three sessions are sufficient. In each case, a trajectory starts with short interviews of all involved.



Coaching can take place online or on location: at your workplace, at an external location or at my place in Stolwijk, the Krimpenerwaard.

This beautiful place in the Green Heart of Holland takes you out of your hectic working environment and gives space for inspiration and personal development. It also offers great opportunities for walking coaching.

Stolwijk is within thirty minutes drive from Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam, and is also easily accessible by public transport.