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What does Sparkling Minds offer you?


  • Discover your personal drives, values and creativity
  • Get out of your comfort zone for personal growth and happiness
  • Tackle your obstructive thoughts and characteristics
  • Rediscover your strong and authentic self
  • Interact in a way that is more collaborative, fulfilling and effective
  • Sparkle and make others sparkle

And for your organisation:

  • Strengthen mutual trust and the power of your team
  • Sustainably solve conflicts
  • Timely arrange for interim leadership
  • Develop a concrete and strong change plan
  • Recruit & select powerful leaders
  • Build your strategy and vision


Sparkling Minds offers:

* Executive coaching - boost your leadership. For experienced leaders.

Do you sometimes feel you are losing yourself a bit as leader? Do you miss the connection with your inner inspiration sources, your feelings and drivers? Do you want to tackle your own obstructive thoughts and your self image? Do you look for a better work-life balance and less stress?

Do you want to take on more coaching in your leadership, to build on your own ambitions and those of your team and organisation and to creatively resolve leadership issues?

Then it is time to get an executive boost from coaching. Discover your strength and inspiration. Remove your obstructive thoughts and start thinking in opportunities. Take the step from where you are to where you want to be as leader. Feel yourself sparkle again!


* Step-up executive coaching. For new leaders

You will shortly start in a new leadership position or have recently started as manager or director. This can provide a tremendous amount of energy. Within your organisation they belief in you and your leadership capacities. Yet you may be uncertain. Can I meet the expectations? How do I provide the leadership needed in fast changing organisations that demand flexibility? How can I show the best of myself? And how can I strengthen my team through an outward mindset that is more collaborative, fulfilling and effective?

These thoughts reside within all executives. There are plenty of leadership books that divulge the nice tricks of the trade, but the art is in the doing!

By being open to your critical voices and your fears, you can grow in your role. There you will meet yourself. Your convictions, your drivers, your characteristics and your natural behavior.  With step-up executive coaching I support you in this journey. You move forward in your new leadership adventure with inner strength, sparkle and a deep connection with others.


* Sparring partner for leaders and management teams

As a leader you constantly deal with challenges of a quickly changing environment, with new organisational models which demand new methods of collaboration and with complex issues which need to be resolved. Sometimes you just need a sparring partner. Someone who sharpens your thoughts, your approach and your role as leader. Someone who brings a lot of experience in complex topics of (international) organisations of today, such as crisis management and change management. 

In creative sessions I support you to get the best out of yourself and to tackle these challenges effectively. Even more valuable could be to do this with your entire management team or board.


* Coaching for management teams who want to excel

A training that makes management teams take the best out of themselves. We tackle the different stages of team development and the leadership needed in each of them. We reflect on personal leadership and work towards authentic leadership: how do you inspire others based on your strengths and how do you go beyond yourselves making powerful connections with others. We concretize how to effectively deploy this leadership in rapidly changing organisations.

Through the group dynamics, there is much room for exchange of experiences, joint learning and exercising coaching and authentic leadership. This training can be combined with personal executive coaching. 


* Coaching for teams wanting to sparkle again

Team coaching for teams wanting to improve their performance. The success of your team is influenced by the quality of the interaction. In well performing teams mutual respect and trust are high, each team member is valued, collaboration is effective and results are being exceeded. When this is not happening, it is time for team coaching.

Together with the team and the manager we turn negative patterns into a positive and effective collaboration where seizing opportunities is at the forefront.


Interim management

Do you look for an experienced interim manager or director for your organization with a mission? I am fast deployable, flexible, people and result oriented. With multiple years of leadership experience in complex organisations in change, with multi-cultural teams and hybrid ways of collaboration, I bring stability, connection and thoroughness when a manager drops out or when temporary support is needed. 


* Organisational advice & support

The world is changing fast and so are you. Courage and creativity are essential to make the shift to the adaptive and networking organisation you want to be. It requires connecting and innovative leadership and agile and adaptive strategies and organisations.

Rediscover your courage, creativity and innovation. Get supported and challenged to maximize your organisations capacity and opportunities. I support you and your leadership team in different stages of your organisations development: in building a concrete vision, mission and strategy, in making a change plan or in selecting and recruiting the right leaders to build your diverse and adaptive leadership team.